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DensoBand - Hot Asphalt Joint Sealing Compound

Please call 01440 765 513 To Order

A polymer modified bitumen strip for sealing joints preventing the ingress of water.

Providing a uniform flexible seal, Densoband is ideal for base and wearing course joints that can withstand movement from traffic load and thermal changes.

It has now been in use for over 30 years in Europe and fully complies with The Highways Agency Specification for Highways Works.

It is suitable for use on both concrete or asphalt road joints or between tram rails and asphalt. It can be applied with a gas torch by hand or by machine on larger projects.

Densoband Benefits

  • Uniform, watertight, flexible seal
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High adhesion strength, high durability
  • Withstands asphalt movement and thermal expansion
  • Prevents cracking and propagation
  • Hand or machine applied

Densoband Application:

  • Clean and dry the vertical surface of the joint.
  • Apply Denso Primer D to the vertical face to be joined, using a brush or roller. Allow the primer to dry to a tack consistency.
  • Lay the DensoBand strip along the length of the joint and remove the interleaving paper.
  • Using a propane torch unit, heat the surface of the material until it develops a glossy sheen.
  • Place this side of the material against the joint face (asphalt, concrete or steel), leaving the DensoBand 0.20" (5 mm) above the surface of the face and press firmly into place.
  • Install the hot asphalt in place, raking where necessary and complete the installation by tamping or rolling out the new asphalt.
  • The heat of the hot asphalt will bond/fuse the new surface of the exposed face of the DensoBand.

How To Order Densoband: Tel: 01440 715 513 email:sales@denso-tape.co.uk


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